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Sid Allocation

Mission statement: a working group to self organize sid ranges for the benefit of users

SID Range Organization Note
1000000-1999999 local Reserved for Local Use - Put your custom rules in this range to avoid conflicts
2000000-2103999 Emerging Threats Emerging Threats Open
2200000-2299999 OISF Suricata Engine Events
2400000-2609999 Emerging Threats Emerging Threats Open
2610000-2619999 Travis Green Hunting Ruleset
2620000-2629999 3CORESec Lateral Movement Ruleset
2700000-2799999 Emerging Threats Emerging Threats
2800000-2899999 Emerging Threats Emerging Threats Pro
3000000-3099999 Corelight Corelight Github
3100000-3199999 Stamus Networks Stamus Networks Detection
3200000-3299999 DCSO DCSO CyTec, DCSO Github
3300000-3399999 Pawpatrules PAW Patrules
3400000-3499999 Aleksi Bovellan NMAP Ruleset
4000000-4099999 ExtraHop ExtraHop IDS
5000000-5000213 Etnetera a.s. Etnetera aggressive IP blacklist
5000000-5000033 MalSilo MalSilo
7724000-7726000 3CORESec Sinkholes Ruleset
10000000-11999999 Positive Technologies PT Security Attack Detection Team ruleset
27990000-27999999 jpgview DOH Rules